Conditions of Use

Terms and conditions for Japan Sales.



DEP Pipes Japan.


Managing Director:

Luke Hall.


Company address:

3F, 4-16 Senrioka Shimo, Suita City, Osaka, Japan. 565-0813


Charges which are not included in the items price include; postage, and a bank transfer fee.


Returns and Claims.

If you are not satisfied with an item we send you, the customer can return an unwanted item after purchase provided that it is in pristine, unopened and unused condition, and that the customer notified DEP Pipes Japan within 8 days. We are unable to refund any money if an item is returned without notification to us.

If the claim is due to faulty goods, please contact us (with photos if necessary) and we will investigate Each case will be decided on by its own merits. If we decide to replace the part under warranty, DEP Pipes Japan will assume the burden of cost. You may be asked to return the defective part at our or your own cost depending on the outcome of the investigation and the replacement will be sent to you on receipt of the returned part.

Sometimes if the replacement part is out of stock, and has to be made and sent from the UK, this can take over a month, or we may be unable to supply you a replacement part under warranty. If this is unacceptable, we will give a full refund on receipt of the returned item. Otherwise, no refunds are possible.

DEP Pipes Japan will not pay for the fitting of replacement parts.


Delivery Time:

We aim to dispatch in-stock items within 5 working days from receipt of payment. For out of stock items, we will inform the customer of an approximate delivery time. Out of stock items have to be produced and delivered from the UK and can take over a month, so please bear this in mind when ordering.


Type of goods and transaction method of payment.

Items for sale from DEP Pipes Japan are from this online shopping site only. The transaction payment method is by bank transfer only.


Payment Time.

Please make payment in full within 10 days of placing your order. If we do not receive payment within this time then we reserve the right to cancel the order.


Postage within Japan.

Postage is added to the price of the item. The cost is at cost price and is charged according to the rates below with Yamato Kuroneko for various areas of Japan. For the re-packing service, please arrange with your preferred courier for “Sender pays”, and DEP Pipes Japan will arrange for “receiver pays” on return of your product. In the event of any mistake whereby DEP Pipes Japan is charged for postage, we will contact the customer and negotiate for settlement.


Hokkaido: 2310 yen.

Northern Tohoku: 1890 yen.

Southern Tohoku: 1790 yen.

Kanto: 1680 yen.

Shinetsu: 1680 yen.

Chubu: 1580 yen.

Hokuriku: 1580 yen.

Kansai: 1580 yen.

Chugoku: 1580 yen.

Shikoku: 1680 yen.

Kyushu: 1680 yen.

Okinawa: 3360 yen.