Factory A.R.M.EVent Hose

1,480 yen

Gas Gap Vent Hoses used by professionals - GRIPS BETTER – - LOOKS BETTER - - REDUCES DUST INTAKE - Treated with our unique TAC FORMULA, it is proven that our product will stick to your Gas Cap far better than a standard breather hose, but will also reduce the possibility of dust intake. Tests have shown that in extreme conditions, dust & sand can work their way up the standard Vent Pipe into your Gas tank. By using our Gas Cap Vent Hose, the particles stick to the inside, reducing intake into the fuel. Particularly with modern fuel injected engines, it is crucial to keep the fuel as clean as possible at all times. Ours is a simple LOW COST product which WILL make a difference. Small or large, whether you require 1 or 1000, your request will be met with expert advice & individual attention. Ask for Factory ARME products at your local dealership, or contact us direct & we can steer you in the right direction. 7 Colours available are: ORANGE - GREEN - BLUE WHITE - RED - YELLOW - BLACK

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